Mirrors of Privilege Wrap-Up

On April 6, 2017, Showing Up for Racial Justice, Las Vegas was invited to facilitate the first of five films that the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas will be showing as part of a Racial Justice Documentary & Discussion Series.

There was no cost for the viewing and discussion. Concessions were offered for a donation to the Social Justice Council at UUCLV, which allows them to further their efforts for justice in the local Las Vegas community. Donations were also accepted for childcare to offset expenses there. SURJ collected toiletries, a backpack, and shoes to contribute to the Lean On Me project through All Shades United, which will be delivered some time next week as some donations are still coming in.

Between 30 and 40 people showed up to the event. SURJ had a membership table that was manned by our core leadership team. Dan Cryer and Elaine Edmiston skillfully facilitated the discussion on whiteness, white privilege, and how white people can begin to do the work needed to effectively work for racial justice. We met a number of new people, and added a few new members to our facebook group.

We have been invited to return to facilitate their next film & discussion on May 4, 2017. You can view the event post here. We hope to have the support of our SURJ members. Please plan to “show up” at the event, or help publicize the event if you are unable to attend.

Thank you for showing up!