Protest 101 Wrap-Up

On July 10, 2017, SURJ LV presented a Protest 101 Workshop and general membership meeting at the UU Congregation of Las Vegas. We received $121 in donations, which we split evenly between UUCLV and the defense fund for the #BlackPride4. You can donate directly to the #BlackPride4 here.

The information presented was intended to give an overview on topics relating to protests and direct action. We are extremely grateful to our speakers, who represented several local organizations, for their generosity, experience, and willingness to make time for us. I, personally, learned a lot from the workshop, and I would imagine that even the most seasoned activists were able to take away some new bit of information or insight. Because this workshop was intended as an overview, I’ve attached a number of resources below for further information. I am also linking the organization contact information for the presenters in case anyone would like to contact them with follow-up questions.

Our August membership meeting will delve into Bystander Intervention, one of the topics that was raised at this workshop. Our House Party Lead, Elaine Edmiston, is working with a number of people to make this happen. You can view more information here, so please mark your calendars for August 1.

If you are interested in Showing Up with SURJ Las Vegas, please follow our Facebook page. If you are interested in active participation and membership with our group, please come to one of our membership meetings to connect with us in person.

Our presenters and topics were:
How to be White at PoC-led Actions with Dan Cryer, Action Lead, SURJ Las VegasCivil Disobedience & Nonviolence with Robert Majors, Nevada Desert Experience
Children & Protests with Heather Bruton-Berrey, Founding Member, SURJ Las Vegas
Organizing Over Social Media prepared by Jason Edmiston, UNLV Film Department, and presented by Elaine Edmiston, House Party Lead, SURJ Las Vegas
Staying Safe with Richard Ming Lai, Las Vegas Street Medics
Know Your Rights with Kelly W. Patterson, Nevada CopBlock

For follow up questions about information presented at the workshop, please visit our presenters online.

Las Vegas Street Medics
facebook page

Nevada Cop Block

Nevada Desert Experience
Justice for Our Desert 2017 Event

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Resources and Links for Further Reading

Being White at POC Led Action
For White People Who Want to Attend #BlackLivesMatter Protests
Whites Only: SURJ and the Caucasian Invasion of Racial Justice Spaces
Dear White Friends: Here’s How to Support BLM Without Making it About You
This Isn’t About You Bro; a How-To Guide to Being White at Protests for Black Lives

Protesting with Children
11 Tips for Protesting with Kids

Know Your Rights
ACLU Know Your Rights
When Can A Police Officer Detain Me? (Federal Law & Nevada Law)
Know Your Rights Seminar Held in Las Vegas by Attorney Stephen Stubbs (Video)
Know Your Rights When Stopped by Police
10 Rules for Dealing with Police
Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada
Don’t Talk to the Police
Know Your Rights: Photographers – What to Do if You are Stopped or Detained Taking Photographs
Rights of Protestors
Know Your Rights: What to Do if Your Rights are Violated at a Demonstration or Protest
Protest Buffer Zone
Sidewalk Chalkers Sue Las Vegas Police Over Arrests
Nevada CopBlock Founder Arrested While Filming Police
1st Amendment Right to Film Police in Public
What Happened In Vegas Trailer
Nevada CopBlock Know Your Rights Flyer


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